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June 18, 2007

“Prime Minister Owen Arthur, and the Opposition Democratic Labour Party led by David Thompson, who was once the Minister of Finance, are virtual ideological twins”

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I saw this article in the Nation today (Good going, says Moody’s) and thought it was interesting given the great efforts that our politicians take to differentiate themselves from one another. The reality is that they really do pretty much the same thing. Now this has been a benefit to Barbados as the island has not chopped an changed it’s economic strategy since independence.

“There are little major ideological differences between the two, particularly in matters of economic policy”

This plays itself out in some interesting ways, when in opposition Owen Arthur made much political hay about the concessions that then Minister of Finance David Thompson gave to Royal Westmoreland. I remember it well, watching it on TV as part of the budget debate. Later when in Government Arthur was to give even more generous concessions to Port St. Charles. For doing this he received the requisite political lashes from Thompson (now in opposition).

Over the years since independence, it has been a feature of our political system that our need for foreign investment has been the “dirty little secret” of government. Let’s grow up about this, after 40 years can’t we admit that foreign investment (once properly vetted) generally benefits the country. What’s important is a clear transparent set of rules so that these exemptions etc. don’t have the seedy air of a back room deal.

But then….

What would our politicians talk about?


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