Notes From The Margin

June 20, 2007

Hi Ho Hi Ho to Washington We Go!!!

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Caribbean Leaders are in Washington tonight and meeting with the Bush Administration. High hopes are the order of the day with headlines like “Caricom Leaders Bring 2020 Vision To Capitol Hill” and “CARICOM says they are not seeking handouts from Washington” and “Caribbean Leaders Optimistic About Meeting With Bush” bear this out.

But what will really happen here? Bush is looking more and more like a lame duck, and his administration is deeply focused (understandably) on the war on terror. (Of course we have the JFK Plot but I wouldn’t bet the house on that making them pay attention to us) There will be much talk, I guess we’ll have the obligatory statement speaking about “shared vision” and “shared values” etc. etc. (insert appropriate verbiage here) but in real terms nothing will change. If you take a look at how much play it has gotten on US news, you’ll see how far off the radar we are.

Of course the JFK plot does change things (first the state department will have to find the Caribbean on their maps) but will it change enough for us to place ourselves agenda? I don’t think so.


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