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July 5, 2007

Barbados responds to Rihanna!

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Rihanna caused quite a stir in Barbados with her comments about bajan haters as covered in our earlier article:

Rihanna blasts the Bajan haters…..

in the time since then there has been much public comment in the media and on the call in programmes. Much of the call in radio has been mixed, although most Bajan call in programmes have their “regular callers” who would probably have been the source of much of the criticism in the first place. There has however been a significant number of calls praising the Bajan diva, also however there is a body of opinion that the article did not speak well of Barbados generally that we would be critical of our musical success story. Others have been critical of Ms. Fenty for being critical of Bajans (it would seem free speech only runs one way)

The reaction in the mainstream press has been more measured.

The island’s leading daily paper posited that maybe the star should accept that she can’t get everyone to like her in their editorial “That’s Life Rihanna

“What however, Rihanna has to accept and learn, is that celebrity status attracts more than ordinary attention from ordinary people and this might not always be welcomed by those on whom it is focused, for it will not always be adulation.


What celebrities wear, where they go and with whom, even the food they eat, can come under scrutiny by their fans and others. Rihanna might well consider an observation she made earlier in another interview where she noted that: “In this business you have to work with the things that get thrown your way – the good, the bad and the ugly.””

Respected journalist Dawn Morgan came out swinging!




“And therein lies the powerful-foolish attitude of some people to the beautiful, talented, sensuous, godess-legged and ever so loyal to Barbados Rihanna, our very own princess who made it on her own steam. Just diss the haters. So they don’t like your brand of music, dancing and dressing. Can’t they live and let live? I guess some of them lead such an empty and boring existence they can only feel alive when they are venting their spleen with envy, jealousy or intolerance.”


One letter to the press called on the media to shield the star from criticism:


“I wish to challenge the media powers of Barbados. You are the voices of the nation. Don’t allow yourselves to be used disparagingly where Rihanna is concerned.


I’m calling on you to protect Rihanna and the innocent majority of Barbadians from the relatively few bad apples around us.”

and yet another professed his admiration for the star and urged other Bajans to do the same.

“Rihanna, I love you and I am proud of you. Keep up the good work, and make the megadollars. MC Hammer use to say in his song “can’t touch this”. Forget the haters, they are just waiting to see you fall, to say “I told you so”.”

My take on this would be to say that you never will get everyone to like you, no matter how much you do. But Rihanna should remember that every silent majority comes with a noisy minority. Think of it as the yin and yang of public opinion.

You just can’t get one without the other.



  1. Hey Rihanna!!!Don’t stop what you are doing because they might not appreciate you the way you are but worry about the people who do.I wish you nothing but the best.All you can do is thank the people who hate.From me to the people who dislikes Rihanna THANK YOU because if it wasn’t for you Riahanna wouldn’t be here to show us her talent.And your jealousy makes her work harder.Rihanna live your life and make me proud of being your friend and fan.I understand how you feel because the same way you feel i am similar to that.I am the 1st to comment on this.That means i am always here for you!!!PEACE…xoxoxo

    Comment by b4real — July 10, 2007 @ 6:44 pm | Reply

  2. Rihanna needs to wakeup! Who does she think she is? Nobody is hating on her. She returns to B’dos and expects ppl to fall down and drool over her. The ppl in Bim know how she is when she returns home– a snob; what does she expect, esp when she has a voice that is flat and performances that are lethargic. She is where she is not bec of talent… intelligent ppl know this. She is no saviour– Barbados was on the map a long time ago…How foolish. How immature! Grow up girl and focus on building your character. No body cares if you stop putting tridents in ur vids.

    Comment by Ruth — August 23, 2007 @ 2:21 am | Reply

  3. rihanna is a c**t screw her, exactly what has she done for barbados and its people a stinking trident in a music video which could easily be used for the greek god of water who uses a trident

    Comment by artemis — September 8, 2007 @ 2:10 am | Reply

  4. And this battle of love vs hate for Rihanna still goes on and on and on. I say all of us love her, because we won’t be talking about her the way we do, putting all this time into RIHANNA if we didn’t. Usually people that hate someone with no reason usually loves them because they want to be like them. Wouldn’t we all love to live her life? Make the money that she makes, have the fans that she has?

    Comment by littlebopeep30 — November 28, 2007 @ 9:11 pm | Reply

  5. I am so tired of all this Rihanna drama. Is there nothing else you people can find to talk about. Rihanna is getting what she wants because good publicity, bad publicity is just that, publicity. Rihanna needs to understand what her position as an entertainer entails, and get over herself.

    Comment by LilNubia — November 30, 2007 @ 10:17 pm | Reply

  6. Who really cares about whether or not Rihanna is successful.At the end of the day ppl are really only concerned about the price of food in Bim.Give it a rest.

    Comment by Topaz — December 24, 2007 @ 11:54 pm | Reply

  7. Nobody doesn’t really hate Rihanna because they cant hate her if they don’t know her it’s not her that i hate,i hate the fact that she is getting sooo popular and rich when she doesn’t deserve it.She’s makeing some stuped dramas like:”Oh i dont know what to eat,since i eat only Barbados food,it’s so hard 4 me to find something to eat,i never hurd of a pizza or sphageti,oh and yeah did i mention that i’m from Barbados?”And now she started doing the opposite,she’s yalling how Bajans suck and now she started that sexy look or whateva.Think of her succses logicly,she isnt that beuatifull,i mean there are many grils around the world that look just like her and i dont even need to add that there are many people who sing better,so why is she in the spotlight and not they?The answer is very simple,they still have thier pride.Robyn came to where she is now thru bed,and not just with Jay-z but with many other producers to just get to him.Come to think ob it,what do ya all think how many marriges has she ruined before Bee’s?And whats the age of all the producers with who she slept 38,40,50,80 MAYBE????

    Comment by Serbia95 — June 16, 2008 @ 12:47 pm | Reply

  8. Wow… So what if she screwed her way to the top. Some of chicks are screwin for free! So what if she’s a snob. I don’t recall her interrupting your lives. Or here’s an idea, get some ounce of talent, screw your way to the top and get a life. Then you won’t be soo worried about RiHanna!!! Rihanna you rock with your gorgeous azz!!

    Comment by Brinniebaby — July 1, 2008 @ 8:26 pm | Reply

  9. rihanna really does need to grow up she thinks because she happens to be the first inernational star of bim that when she comes back to the island ppl r gonna trip all over themsleves to see her n worship her or something…there are always gonna b haters becuz bajans know how rihanna used to be before she was rich and famous and she didnt exactly win any popularity contests she stole pplz boyfriends and wasnt that intellegent in school since she was held back a year. anyways barbados is already on the map without her or else we wudnt hav any bloody tourists wud we? and her putting in the tridents in her music vids isnt sayin much it actually makes her look like shes tryin to hard for bim to forget how she was b4 by acknowledging us so that we dont bring about bad comments on her. Rihann grow up hun and change how u actually are inside before u criticize us and all the ppl u say u r proud to call ur ppl and country!

    Comment by bimgal — July 9, 2008 @ 4:44 pm | Reply

  10. omg ws rihanna really lyk dat used 2 steal pplz boyfriends … i taut she ws inocent !

    Comment by shanny — July 30, 2008 @ 4:47 pm | Reply

  11. Ermm im sorry but Barbados was not on the map b4 rihanna and thats a fact it is also a afact that bardos tourism has increased,even i kno grown woman who like rihanna and have solely gon to Barbados because they like rihanna.Can some 1 please name some 1 eles thats been that succesful from barbados or even close,becasuse i bet if u ask tell me something abour barbados they will say oh Rihannas form there.! dont lie 2 urselves.yes she may b snobby now..I odnt kno but hey money changed people..She ite man. it jus sound like bajans r like crabs in a barrel man

    Comment by Anonymous — December 16, 2008 @ 12:54 pm | Reply

  12. i fink dat press is terrible 4 any celebs pres is just like people at skool talkin bout u b-hind ur bak and also u all need 2 leave rihanna alone coz 2 me i fink dat she is da type of girl dat puts on a brave face but realy she is hurtin i dont even lik celebs realy but ri ri just stands out u people dat write fings r heatless just hav a deep fink bout wot ur writin b4 writin it and shout out 2 al my bajan crew harvey,schorcha,sandra,romeo.and my sexy gual rianan and da rest of da crew u no who r theres 2 many of u cn i just say my gual looks like rihanna whitch is a bonus;) hold tight rihanna ignore da haters north stars 4 eva and dat crew norths tar u no uk grime stool my name north stars and dat solo uk grime dude stool my tag tinie temper ive had dat name since shool days and im 20 years old born 13 febuary so dat woz quite a long time ago N*

    Comment by tinie temper — December 27, 2008 @ 11:30 pm | Reply

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