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July 13, 2007

The Republic of Barbados – or not?

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Last night I blogged about the public opinion battle on the island of Barbados becoming a republic. There are really two arguments in this contest.

1. The head of State should  be Bajan. The queen is a relic of a brutal and exploitative past and should be consigned to the garbage bin of history.

2. We’ve done very well under the present arrangement.  The British Tourists like to come to a commonwealth state (?). The queen is mostly symbolic anyway

Of course there are the rest of us who wonder, is all this fuss really necessary? What will this changeover cost? And what really do we get for the trouble.

Of course the passions run high on this one (among the proponents of the the two camps) either you are the hothead or you are the reactionary, and the discussion gets more and more heated with each go around.

Here’s what I propose:

Let’s have a referendum, on do we want to replace the govenor general with a non executive president. If more than 50% of the registered voters vote, then whover has a simple majority wins. If less than half the people are motivated to vote, then it’s clear that they don’t really want the change.

But here’s the important point: WHATEVER the result, we abide by the answer with good grace.  The result really doesn’t affect the price of cheese, and once we have answered the question on what the people really want,  lets go back to talking about stuff that is more substantive that will really affect our day to day lives


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