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July 29, 2007

What About The Rights Of The Father? – Send us your story

Our friends over at Barbados Underground have asked some probing questions about the family law act.

More & More Men Are Becoming The Victims, More & More Women Are Becoming The Predators

Since I blogged “What about the rights of the father?” I’ve discretely been asking people what they thought about the Nation story. The reactions have been interesting, most women saw nothing wrong with the magistrate’s comments. In fact none of them immediately thought of it as showing bias. When asked if it wouldn’t be reasonable for someone to check before taking a lifetime committment, the responses generally fell into the range of “Yes, but men don’t want to live up to their responsibilities” or “Yes, but there are cases where men KNOW that the child is theirs but still will take the test just to drag things out”. It was in a word, scary to find out how men are viewed, you are either guilty or innocent for the moment (until we find out the truth).

The reactions of the men was also interesting. None were suprised at the article, and most shrugged their shoulders and generally took the attitude of “you can’t win, so why waste time trying to fight it”. A couple got quite emotional about it (both of them have had a personal brush with the court system regarding a family matter). Generally men viewed the law as being unfair, but as beyond their power to change.

It would seem that in the area of family law, justice certainly is not blind.

To my mind this is a topic that bears exploring, I’d like to find out:

What exactly is the Family Law Council’s mandate? Who’s on it? Are there any men on the council?
I’d be interested in hearing people’s personal experiences with this, if you want we’ll publish your story. I’m not publishing names mind you.

Hopefully I won’t be embarrased by getting no responses!


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