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August 10, 2007

LIAT Outdoes Itself – Six Days Later STILL No Luggage!

I came across this letter to the editor of the Starbroek News


Dear Editor,


I travelled to the British Virgin Islands, on July 4 last and returned on the 31. I travelled on a Liat flight from Beef Island to St Martin on to Antigua where we changed planes bound for Barbados. On arrival at Barbados we boarded flight #521 bound for Guyana. On arrival at CBJ Timehri after being greeted by some wonderful African drumming and served with conkie and drink, to the dismay of 99% of the passengers we were told that our baggage did not arrive with us on the plane.



We now had to line up at the baggage claims section where only one staff member was at work. We were told to keep checking, and were given a number to call. Since then I have been calling four times a day by cell phone, I don’t have a land line.




I called on August 3 and was told by the man who anwered the phone that the suitcases arrived and are with customs and I must call back, he will check with them and he will have information for me.

I did not wait, I called customs myself only to be told that this is what persons are being told when they call to query about their luggage.

I called the baggage claims section again, this time I spoke to a very polite sounding female…


You can click on the link to read the full letter, as the writer goes on at length about her frustrations trying to get her luggage (which she still hasn’t gotten up to the point of writing her letter). She suggests that Guyanese are singled out for bad treatment by LIAT, but I can say that I’ve experienced much of what she talks about. (Granted six days is extreme even for LIAT)


But I’ve experienced most of the passenger’s luggage being left and having only one staff member to deal with the claims of 45 people.


I’ve experienced being delayed at GAIA for hours and being told nothing. I’ve seen the Airport’s customer service personnel trying valiantly to reach someone in LIAT to find out what was going on without success.


I’ve experienced the person who was picking me up in Grenada calling me on my cell to tell me that the flight was canceled, even as I was being told it would be there “within an hour”/


I’ve experienced a flight being cancelled/put back on/cancelled again/being merged with another flight.


So with regard to the letter writer’s comments no LIAT doesn’t discriminate, they give lousy service to everyone.







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  2. I have every empathy with the previous writer regarding the delay in receiving their luggage. I recently had the same experience when I travelled to St.Vincent on the 5th July 2007. On arrival in St Vincent and after not receiving my luggage I had to endure further delay by having to queue to complete a lost luggage form. Not surprisingly, quite a number of the passengers who travelled on the same flight was missing their luggage. (I wish to add that all this was in addition to having to endure a 9 1/2 hour delay from Barbados). I made numerous visits to the airport, somtimes 3 times a day, until on the 6th day (10/7/07) it eventually arrived. There were no explanation or even a whim of apology. If this is the service offered to its customers, I am absolutely appalled. My only conclusion is that LIAT could not give “a monkey’s eyeball” when it comes to customer service especially when you consider that travelling between the islands, LIAT has the monopoly so no matter what your grievance/s you have no other avenue of getting to your deatination. Where are the benefits of the merger betwwen LIAT and Caribbean Star?????? I wish there was an alternative, but alas!!! It’s about time that LIAT “get their act together and show some compassion with their travelling public. There are so much room for improvement.

    A very disgruntled traveller.
    Floyd A. Emmons

    Comment by Floyd A Emmons — August 30, 2007 @ 4:28 pm | Reply

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