Notes From The Margin

August 18, 2007

Did they call the “All Clear” too soon?

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It seems that Barbados’ disaster management system kicked into high gear for Huricane Dean, and for the most part it seems to have acquitted itself quite well. Shelters opened, police patrolled, security was maintained etc. etc. etc. While we take a moment to be grateful that Barbados was spared the worst of Hurricane Dean, we should look to see what could be improved the next time around.
This morning the “All Clear” was called as soon as tropical storm force winds subsided. Many Bajans made their way to work in the wind and the rain only to hear a couple of hours later that there was a “Flood Warning” in effect.  And many places of business closed early for the day after members of staff made almost heroic efforts to get to work in less than favourable conditions.

Now this may well be a case of “hindsight is 20-20 vision” but while the current disaster management protocols may indicate an “All Clear” is called once tropical storm conditions have diminished, it might be worth looking at those protocols to ensure that Bajans are not being sent out to work just to be sent back home again.


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