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September 13, 2007

Rebranding Law and Order?

We always are kind of wary when public sector organisations start to use commercial buzzwords, and a story out of Trinidad and Tobago set off all sorts of alarm bells.

The following is a quote from the the Deputy Police Commssioner Glenn Roach:

“The police service in its thrust to further deepen its transformation philosophy has embarked on a process of re-branding, aimed at creating a completely new image for itself. In this regard, the motto has been modified to read: ‘To Protect and Serve with Pride’,” he added.

Now we on the margin are all for the modernisation of the region’s security forces, and the maintenance of law and order. However, hopefully the Trinidad Police Force will recognise that the rebranding process has to be more than just a realignment of image and logo and slogan.

 Unless their programme recognises issues such as making sure Police officers are properly paid and equipped to carry out their jobs, or weeding out the bad apples out of the force (preferably after making examples of them), or instilling a sense of public accountability in the officers of the force or….

We think you see the point.

 Unless the fundamental structural issues that plague the police force are addressed the “rebranding” will be as effective as putting a Band-Aid on a badly broken arm. Barbadians have seen this with the Edutech project, the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, the Airport and we could go on. The public sector in the Caribbean is beyond being helped by slick but superficial marketing campaigns. We can only hope that they are approaching it the right way.



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    We have already spoken about placing entire posts from your blog in our comments section in unrelated stories. As such we have deleted this comment.

    If anyone is curious they can go to your site to see it.

    Comment by BFP Print Edition STUNNING BLUNDER!!!! — September 13, 2007 @ 6:01 am | Reply

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