Notes From The Margin

September 15, 2007

The Demise of Net Neutrality Part 2 – How it will affect Barbados’ And The Caribbean’s Development…

An article in the Advocate today about Acting PM Reginald Farley making a speech at the opening of Cable & Wireless’ new Network Operations Centre.

“…Saying that technology is a potent force for the development of small countries, Farley recalled that in the old development model, countries had to be large with enormous economic bases, natural resources, and cash in order to make an insertion into the world economy.

Farley stated that with technology all of that has changed. According to him, with the Internet, a small business in a small country like Barbados can not only contemplate, but can operationalise its intentions to make its products and services available across the world and at very low costs.

Farley, who is also the Minister of Housing and Lands, said that the Government of Barbados has been leveraging technology to enhance and accelerate the country’s economic development.”

The promise of the internet, and the ability of a small company to offer products across the world will be compromised if in the US big companies are given an advantage over the little guy. Once again, the world will shift back to the “old development” model, where large resources are required to get on to the “fast internet”.

The bill currently in the US congress presents a strategic threat to the future development of Barbados and indeed the wider developing world, and should be considered as such.


(For further information on net neutrality see part 1 of the series HERE)

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