Notes From The Margin

October 6, 2007

A note on the Minibus crash in the Garden and the Press

I suppose we have become inured to this type of thing. A couple of months ago the blogs would have been all over this story. Yes there is only one fatality instead of the multiple deaths we have seen in other incidents. However a public service vehicle loaded with children and other travelers, from the reports in the media overturned after making what was a risky overtaking maneuver and colliding with a backhoe. At the time of writing investigations are still ongoing as to if the lady who was killed was a passenger or a pedestrian. The other Barbados blogs have been notably silent on the matter.

We on the Margin have blogged about police stopping reporters from taking pictures at the scenes of such incidences and arguing that it was a curtailment of the legitimate freedom of the press. However today the Nation today published a picture of injured CHILDREN awaiting treatment. I think the paper should strongly consider how it uses the freedoms it has.

We have no problem with pictures of the smashed vehicles or Emergency Services at work, however when the press choose to publish images of helpless victims at possibly the worst moments of their lives,  we recoil.

We are happy to go to bat for the press to receive the freedom that it needs to function in a democracy, however the press must also exercise those freedoms responsibly.


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