Notes From The Margin

October 25, 2007

The SC Steps In?

In a move that some would argue is long overdue, the Securities Commission stepped into the BS&T circus yesterday.

 In a statement issued late yesterday, the commission also suggested that BS&T’s 3 000 shareholders “refrain from taking any further action regarding the tendering of their shares to any and all offers until this matter has been fully ventilated and some order is restored to what has become a disorderly transaction”.

In the meantime rumours of lawsuits continue to circulate around Bridgetown.  Some of the questions being asked in particular are “Did the actions of the BS&T board in this matter result in the withdrawal of Ansa McAl’s offer?” and if the answer to that is yes…”Does the board have a legal liability to shareholders who wanted to sell their shares at $10.00?”. We on the margins don’t even pretend to know the answers to either of these questions, but in our humble opinions this whole matter is worthy of intense scrutiny.

There is enough money in question to make a lawsuit worthwhile, however there would appear to be no shortage of people to sue. One thing is for sure, this “disorderly transaction” has rattled the investing public in Barbados far more than any takeover battle before, anything less than complete transparency in this matter will result in lower confidence by investors in the local stock exchange.

The Securities Commission should intervene as the stakes are too high to let this debacle continue unchecked.


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