Notes From The Margin

February 22, 2008

Rihanna Named Youth & Cultural Ambassador

We on the Margin have long called for some form of national recognition for Rihanna. So we were thrilled to hear last night that she was named Youth Cultural Ambassador for Barbados. The (largely ceremonial) title has been bestowed once before on Barbados’ Olympic Bronze Medal winner Obadele Thompson. As part of the ceremonies Rihanna was also given “a piece of the rock” in the exclusive Apes Hill Golf Resort area, so that in Prime Minister Thompson’s words “Barbados will always be home”.


The proclamation read….

The proclamation, read by Minister of Culture Steve Blackett, said:

* “Whereas the Government and the people of Barbados truly acknowledge and celebrate the remarkable achievements of Robyn Rihanna Fenty;

* “And whereas such an accomplishment has brought significant honour and deserving recognition not only to Rihanna but also to her beloved country and has elevated Barbados to the forefront of the entertainment world;

* “And whereas this phenomenal success has come at so tender an age evoking invaluable inspiration and motivation to youth everywhere;

* “And whereas all Barbados stands proud in the face of this honour and gives full support to Rihanna on her continuing path;

“Be it now proclaimed in Bridgetown, Barbados . . .that the Government of Barbados designates Robyn Rihanna Fenty an honorary Youth
and Cultural Ambassador of this country.”


We on the Margin congratulate Rihanna (once again) and tip our hat to PM Thompson for bestowing this national honour.


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