Notes From The Margin

What is this Notes in the margin about?


A blog from Barbados, but not about partisan politics. Hopefully to discuss some of the bigger issues that face Barbados, the Caribbean and the World today. Hopefully this will develop into meaninful discussion and not just the repitition of rumour. That is if anyone reads this and cares to respond.

Just a few things about where I’m coming from. I’m from Barbados in the West Indies (if you don’t know where it is then I suggest you google it) I believe that many of the Caribbean’ intellectuals and politicians have shortchanged us. Yes we come from a region with a bloody history of slavery, but we need to move past that. I’m not advocating forgeting that slavery and all of the history that goes with it (both before and after) happened, I’m just saying that the future is bearing down on us at a terrifying rate. If we don’t face it, and exploit the opportunities instead of bemoaning the challenges (which we seem to spend an awful lot of time doing now) we will make V. S. Naipaul right when he said that “The future of the Caribbean is Haiti”. I don’t want that.

I’m a capitalist at heart, I think that Government should stay out of areas best left to the private sector. At the same time I think that Government must provide a level of services that protects the weakest in the society. I also subscribe to the philosphy that Government should provide an “enabling environment for business”. I don’t hold with any particular school of economic dogma. I think that reality is a messy place that means you should do what works. In some places free market capitalism may be what’s needed, in some cases a socialist approach might be better. I hope in the post and comments (that I hope I get) we put aside the knee jerk reactions and tired formulaic responses that passes for discussion so often these days.

As far as frequency I’m hoping to keep to at least one post a week. Sort of a weekly column you might think. Whether anyone will read this far less find it interesting I have no idea. Let’s just say it is my fervant hope that some of you do.

One last thing, the name of the blog “Notes from the margin” is a bit of a double meaning. Yes you tend to scribble notes in the margin of a book (sometimes insightful observations, sometimes twaddle) however it is also about comments on an increasingly globalised world from someone sitting on a small rock on the margins of the action. A viewpoint that you don’t find stated very often. Perhaps even more unusual is that I think the opportunities for us on the margins (at least for Barbados) far outweigh the dangers.

Either way I hope you find it interesting reading.

That’s all for this week.


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