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April 15, 2008

So Long And Thanks For All The Fish….

It’s been a year since NTFM first debuted in the blogosphere, in that time we have done 198 posts which have been seen by 42,000 visitors, we have logged some 650 comments and unfortunately we’ve also dealt with 10,000 emails of spam. Small numbers perhaps in comparison to Barbados Underground or Barbados Free Press, but we think that we have established our own following and we’ve also established a reputation as a quality blog with high standards.

It’s been an interesting ride, that has taught us much. The search for quality articles has led us down some interesting paths and turned up some surprising stories. We are particularly proud of the work we’ve done on the whole Venezuela issue as it relates to the Caribbean. We remain deeply concerned that not enough is being done by the mainstream media to educate Barbadians about our South American neighbour.

We started a blog in large part because we were concerned about what was being said about Barbados in the blogosphere. Based on what some very biased people were saying, it would be very easy to equate Barbados with Zimbabwe. That is not the Barbados we know, the country we know and live in may not be perfect but it’s a far cry from what is portrayed on BFP and to a lesser extent BU. A dermatologist following their approach would describe someone with acne as having flesh eating skin cancer. We felt there was an unfilled space for balance and thoughtfulness, a space that over the last year we have tried (with uneven results we admit) to fill. We freely admit that there is an important role for Barbados Underground and Barbados Free Press in ensuring democracy and freedom in Barbados, we may disagree with their methods but we believe that they are truly motivated by good intentions and that in the long run they are a healthy addition to the Barbados social scene, we wish them well.

However after a year, we have found the demands of running a daily posting blog difficult to meet. In that regard we have considerable respect for David over at BU and even the BFP crew. Given the demands of our day to day lives we find that we can no longer devote the time to NFTM that will maintain the standard that we want to have.

In short NFTM has had it’s day. We have to admit, it’s difficult to put down something you have carried for a year, but it is far better to go out with style than to dribble off into obscurity.

To our well wishers thank you for your kind comments, to our critics… when you think about it, you’ll come around to our opinion 😉



Marginal puts down his editorial pen.

August 30, 2007

Editorial Comment

When we started Notes From The Margin we deliberately set out NOT to be another Barbados Free Press or Barbados Underground. Both of these sites have their place in the Blogosphere and our belief was that the market space for that type of Blog was already adequately filled (even if we had the occasional reservation about some things). After all, with two very strong anti corruption blogs who needs another “me too”?

We felt there was an “unserved niche” for a blog that gave thought provoking articles about things that while they were relevant to life in Barbados and the Caribbean, they were not necessarily things that you knew about or thought about much until it was drawn to your attention. We try to be balanced, reasonable and as fair as we can be.

We did NOT want to be a forum for partisan political discussion, and we did not want to be a blog where people were abused for giving voice to their ideas. Disagreed with, debated, argued, discussed but never abused. With that in mind we have exercised editorial privilige over the last few days on the posts of a particular commenter.

We know that on other blogs they are quite liberal in what they allow in the discussion and they are loathe to edit comments unless severely provoked and generally, we support this view. That said, we believe that intelligent adults should be able to express their opinions without having to tear down the opposing person by use of vitriol. If you can’t articulate your ideas without resorting to abuse, you probably are not ready to take part in the discussion you will find here (or that we want you to find here). Comments that fall short of our general standard WILL be edited.

This is not a position that we have taken lightly or without thought, our readers are free to disagree with us but as we see it this decision is necessary for the good of NFTM and the discussions that we hope this blog will develop.

Having got that off our chests, thank you for taking the time to visit the site and we look forward to your contributions to the discussions.


August 20, 2007

Our First TOP POST!

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